We’re all stuck waiting for the world to re-open, and that world has forever changed. Let’s face facts. We won’t be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. We must dare to live beyond them, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to yet. It takes a little planning.

Millions of online sources are advising that we utilize the time with productivity – clean the house, fix the car, write that book. But do you have it in you?

And isn’t that the old model? Keep moving? Business as usual because that is what you know, right? Staying busy? How can I live beyond the past until I better reassess what worked and what didn’t?

Isn’t this pause supposed to be a wake-up call to re-evaluate what we are doing wrong in our lives? Not just for the earth, but ourselves. And isn’t one of those things staying constantly busy? I was always rushing – cramming as much into my day as possible, but always asking, What am I getting out of this? Does all this rushing and cramming make me happy? Are all the seeds I’ve been so busy planting going to bear fruit – the kind of fruit I want?

I am taking stock of all areas of my life. I’m asking different questions. I look in the mirror and ask if I like who is looking back at me. Could I be better? Happier? More authentically me? If not, what changes do I need to make in order to be exactly who or what I want to be?

I view this time as a big reboot opportunity. Clean slate. Who or what do I want to create now? How do I live beyond this?

Review, plan, then rest.

Rest. Unplug.

If you aren’t in healthcare or essential services , you don’t have any fires to put out right now. Give yourself a break. Sleep, exercise, binge your junk TV, read for pleasure, take one of the millions of free virtual tours, classes, or fun projects. Nothing that you “need to be doing” or “should be doing.” Give yourself the gift of this time, to do and be you or plan to re-do.

Because if not now, when?