Navigating life can feel as if you’re groping around the dark for a light switch. I offer ideas and solutions to everyday problems. In tarot, I focus on action plans for those at a crossroads, having been there many times myself. I have a lot of “me too” parallels having worked in cooking and cleaning, training and teaching, administration and management. I’m no stranger to getting my hands dirty or going toe to toe with executives, energetically aligning with whomever I am working.

How to Schedule a Reading


Call or text: 336-408-1425

Tell me how much time you’d like and provide your phone and email address. I’ll contact you to schedule a time and email an invoice to be paid before your scheduled session.

Phone readings by appointment only, priced as follows:

15 minutes for $25.00
30 minutes for $45.00
45 minutes for $65.00
60 minutes for $85.00

I do in-person readings at events, and Fridays at:

Eclectic by Nature
414 State Street
Greensboro, NC 27405
tel: 336-373-0733  Call this number for an appointment on Fridays.


I am not a licensed psychologist, attorney, or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of any of those. Tarot is no substitute for licensed professional counseling or any other type of medical professional. By having a tarot reading with me, you acknowledge that you are doing so for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee any outcome of any recommendations in my readings. Any comments aside from those are opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than providing the tarot services purchased.

All Welcome

I welcome folks from all nations, races, belief systems, and communities to share in the spiritual experience we are having in so many unique human bodies, knowing we are all just visitors to this life. My true Libra nature supports equality and harmony for all humanity. I was born on a Seneca Reservation, but am not Seneca. Yet I stand in solidarity with native people of all cultures, and commit to assisting shared humanity. I understand that any perspective I may offer was built through the lens of my own culture, but I am, and will always be, constantly learning and working through any conditioned shortcomings. I am committed to being open and compassionate with anyone who chooses to work with me.

Privacy Policy

I treat my services with the same ethics as any other professional service provider. Any information discussed in your reading will remain completely confidential unless there is a felonious criminal admission. In which case, I am obligated to contact authorities. I do not sell or give away any information to list services, or anyone else, ever.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds, whether for scheduled appointments you miss, nor readings you disagree with.

Here’s what I won’t do:

  • I won’t read anyone unrelated to you without their consent. Including spy on exes.
  • I won’t read minors unless specifically requested by the parent for a specific purpose.
  • I won’t read couples. (Why? I am not a couple’s counselor or referee. In my experience, clients feel safer asking questions they really want answers to out of earshot of their partner. You are free to share all your information with them afterward.
  • I won’t make decisions for you. Ever. No matter how many different ways you ask.
  • I won’t tell you how your whole life will turn out. That’s up to you and the choices you make. I stick with a three month to one-year window.
  • I won’t read your mind. Proprietary information such as your bank account, Social Security or Driver’s License numbers are never accessible to me. I don’t get lottery numbers either. I won’t cold read. If I wanted to fish, I’d have been a boat captain.
  • I won’t provide evidence that I can connect with you prior to a reading. A little faith is required.
  • I won’t shower you with sunshine and rainbows just to make you feel good. In other words, I may not tell you what you want to hear, but what you might need to hear.