A change of weather can often bring a change of perspective. In the last year and a half, I focused on the writing and publishing of Psychic Savvy which answers many questions I receive when doing tarot readings. Once that was off the press, I freshened up my website. You can check that out at www.sheilaenglehart.com.

I’m aware that I haven’t talked about reading tarot before, mainly because I don’t teach. And there are plenty of other pros and teachers blogging on all things tarot.

For me, the tarot is a therapeutic self-examination tool that can make some people squirm. But when my life imploded in the mid-90s, the tarot was my teacher, advisor, and best friend. It helped me become self-aware and provided data based on my conscious and subconscious needs apart from the influence of others. I’d finally found something that worked with me and there was no turning back.

Having spent more than twenty years in medical, financial, and real estate corporations, I was well-equipped to address areas like office politics, relationship conflict, communication issues, career changes, and money problems.

As much as I enjoy writing paranormal fiction, I can be far more useful helping open-minded people become the hero or heroine of their own stories. So, in my blog reboot, I’ll be covering more problem solving, psychological topics from a metaphysical perspective with an occasional paranormal aside. If you stick around, you may discover an interesting new insight.

What part of your life could use a reboot?