Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Ever feel excluded, as if you didn’t know the secret handshake or rate an invitation to the Big Deal event where the Who’s Who are all in attendance, except you?

Don’t allow it to crush your delicate psyche. There are so many variables that had you falling through the cracks. Timing, availability, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a moment of hesitation, forgetfulness, cost, other responsibilities, etc. The list can be endless. But the truth is, we orchestrate the chain of events that leave us excluded.

I missed out on the fairest-of-them-all event in the tarot world, and I have only myself to blame. Sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. Several variables just don’t align. Fast forward a year and colleagues are overflowing with anticipation and excitement, posting tidbits on social media that make you feel as if you missed out big time.

Back up. What did the tarot have to say about this? Why did I miss this event?

Page of Cups suggests that I had to create the right conditions emotionally for me to be ready to go. On an emotional level, I would have felt guilty spending the money, leaving my old dog and husband behind to go off and have a great time. Did I deserve to? (That’s something else altogether.) I needed to be better prepared emotionally. I have the ability to simulate a similar feeling in my own home by spending time with my colleagues’ books, decks, and classes online.

What do I need to do to have this next year?

6 of Pentacles says, Fork over the money, honey. Part with your coin, but with the proper intention, not regret or fret over doing so. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

What do I need to work on before I attend?

The Emperor doesn’t pull any punches. Mastery, discipline, decisiveness in my actions. Manifesting by fully investing in the decision. Perhaps a part of me doesn’t feel worthy of being in the company of folks I admire. I’ll have to dig in and take dominion over that.

If the timing were right and all the variables in line, I would have felt safer going for it. But something was not falling into place for me at registration time. Responsibilities crept up and steered me to not pull the trigger.

Knowing that I made that choice doesn’t make me feel any less excluded. It still feels like all my people had a meeting and didn’t save me a seat.

When you feel like you’re missing out, you need to shift either your thinking or your actions to take matters into your own hands. Energy must be shifted toward the direction you really want to go then chose to go there.