I got behind a pickup with a tailgate covered in bumper stickers that I perceived to be conflicting at first.
“All citizens need a gun, and know how to use it” right next to “Love One Another.”

“Protected by .357” next to “Co-Exist”

I wish I could have gotten a photo, but I was driving. The entire tailgate was papered with opposing statements. I thought, which came first, the gun or the peace? Firepower or flower power? Did the owner lean one way more than the other? Or was this balance? Personal evolution? Or maybe a husband/wife collaboration?

There actually can be a balance between “Love each other” and “Is there life after death? Touch my truck and find out.”

Doing metaphysical work opens you up to conflicting energies that require that you use psychic protection. Even when your intention is to walk only the light path, you must wear energetic protection. Think about peace officers. They can’t leave the house without a weapon and a Kevlar vest. Just as Mr. Don’t Touch My Truck probably has firepower under his seat. Better safe than sorry goes the old saying.

Civilians need protection out in the world as well, but we don’t have to pack heat to go to the office, shop, or wherever you spend the bulk of your day. It can be as quick and easy as placing an energy barrier around your personal energy field. A bubble of light or a suit of light armor is best. But a quick prayer never hurt either.

You never know what kind of energy your co-workers have created before heading to work – the argument, illness, or messy personal situation can stick to their energy field like cheap cologne, cloying, festering or sour. And they don’t have to utter a word about it. You are in danger of coming in contact with that energy by proximity. Don’t think wearing amulet will be all you need. Most negativity is stealthy and sneaks in through the back, literally.

Stepping into energy outside your sanctuary can open you up to unwanted, possibly sneaky attack that you may notice until:
You are snapping someone’s head off.
Massaging your temples with a growing migraine.
Feeling ill or in physical pain when you were fine a few minutes earlier.

Psychic Protection comes in many forms, simple to complex. Check out the Psychic Protection chapter of Psychic Savvy. https://smile.amazon.com/Psychic-Savvy-Answers-Development-Questions/dp/1726877906/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=psychic+savvy&qid=1558718965&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Check out Sandy Anastasi’s course on Psychic Protection at https://www.sandyanastasi.com/

Back to our truck driver, he is secure loving others while knowing help is within reach. He follows a Do-No-Harm-Take-No-Crap philosophy.


(Photo by rawpixel.com)