April 16, 2020|

We’re all stuck waiting for the world to re-open, and that world has forever changed. Let’s face facts. We won’t be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. We


November 1, 2019|

When someone snaps at you or becomes aggressive, what is your instinct? Do you snap back or match their aggression? A lot of us do. Defending ourselves is

Missing Out

April 27, 2019|

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels Ever feel excluded, as if you didn’t know the secret handshake or rate an invitation to the Big Deal event where the Who’s Who are

Why Tarot?

April 15, 2019|

. . . if you’re not telling fortunes? Often I have felt that I had been discarded here from another planet. I couldn’t seem to find common ground

Spring Reboot

March 23, 2019|

A change of weather can often bring a change of perspective. In the last year and a half, I focused on the writing and publishing of Psychic Savvy